The PES team has always endeavored to remain a leader in the constantly advancing BIM industry. The company has established guiding principles for these efforts, designated several employees to lead the internal BIM movement and have formed three distinct groups that handle BIM efforts on all fronts. We fondly refer to the groups as RUG, PUG and RIG and we’d like to introduce you to who makes up these groups, what they do and how they advance BIM at PES.

The Revit Integration Group (RIG) was once known as the Revit Implementation Group. For the first 10 years that Revit was being introduced and implemented in to PES processes, the committee met regularly. Once Revit became the sole production tool, the group moved to focus on integration. Members of the committee come from each of the production studios and the other major internal committees. Monthly meetings now include addressing any issues or concerns that PES may have with clients or other external factors. A prime example is contract issues. With the release of a 3D model comes certain expectations and criteria that are outlined in accompanying contracts. The RIG group addresses any issues or updates that are needed with the contract.RUG Meeting Photo_2The Power User Group (PUG) is an internal group made up of eight members who have demonstrated an interest in Revit beyond general production. In other words, PUG members are the Revit superstars of the company. Matt Sweeney, our BIM Manager leads this group. Agendas typically include family development, general best practices and those specific to PES process, template upkeep, and overall user issues or user support. PUG meets the most often at twice per month.

The Revit User Group (RUG) holds monthly meetings where all of the production staff are invited and encouraged to bring any Revit issues forward. PUG members generally prepare short presentations based on their meetings or feedback from previous RUG meetings. Apart from the PUG presentations, meetings are generally opened by reviewing three to five custom families to help users become more familiar with PES-specific families. The rest of the meetings are for any of the production staff to bring any questions or issues forward.

These three groups, RIG, PUG and RUG were formed to increase fluency in Revit and BIM through out the entire company. From Dave Aucoin, our Senior Associate and BIM Director to summer interns trying to get some experience with practical applications. The groups all work together, with overlapping members and regular meetings, stressing the importance of moving the entire company forward.