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Confidential Sound Stages

Confidential Sound Stages

IN Movie Studios
In Design
$100 Million
About Project

We are currently providing the structural design for a new sound stage development that includes four separate buildings housing multiple stages that vary in size and total 203,000 square feet of stage space. They also include two-story production and stage support spaces that total 91,200 square feet.

The structural systems of the buildings consist of slabs-on-ground with shallow foundations, load-bearing non-composite concrete tilt walls, and a steel joist roof with a suspended pipe grid at the bottom of each of the roof structures with a 30’ clear from the slab below.

There will also be four separate pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) that include food service, mill space, and lighting storage totaling 81,500 square feet. A 64,500 square foot, three-story office building is also included in the overall design and will consist of slab-on-ground with shallow foundations and steel framing with elevated composite steel slabs and a steel-framed roof.

Services Provided: Structural Engineering