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A New Year Brings New Promotions

We are pleased to announce that Alex Bragg, E.I.T., Drew Smith, E.I.T. and Matt Wilson, E.I.T. have been promoted to Assistant Project Managers and Amelia Goydich, E.I.T., Andrea Goldstein, E.I.T., and Donnell Grantham, E.I.T. have been promoted to Project Engineers.

Alex Bragg, E.I.T | Assistant Project Manager

Alex followed in his grandfather’s footsteps by not only becoming an engineer but also by attending Southern Poly, his alma mater too. As an Assistant Project Manager, Alex is providing analysis and design work for many PES projects, primarily in the mixed-use and multifamily sectors. His ability to meet design challenges by breaking them down into individual elements so they can be solved in the most efficient way helps the internal PES delivery team deliver high quality designs to our clients. Alex can be reached at

Drew Smith, E.I.T. | Assistant Project Manager

Drew joined PES in the summer of 2015 after graduating from the University of Alabama where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  As an Assistant Project Manager, Drew is responsible for the execution, quality and accuracy of projects, ensuring that his clients’ needs are met and that their projects are delivered on time.  He provides analysis and design work for projects primarily in the K-12 sector and is involved with the Georgia Chapter of the Association for Learning Environments (GA4LE). Drew can be reached at

Matt Wilson, E.I.T. | Assistant Project Manager

A deep-seated passion for structures and solving unique problems is what drew Matt into the structural engineering profession.  What brought him to PES was our company culture of involvement in committees and industry organizations that impact the codes we follow as designers.  As an Assistant Project Manager, he is responsible for the execution, quality and accuracy of projects, ensuring that his clients’ needs are met and that their projects are delivered on time.  He provides analysis and structural engineering design on government facilities and industrial developments and is well-versed in various structural systems including steel, reinforced concrete, masonry and wood.  He is looking forward to becoming a registered Structural Engineer (SE) and participating in a code committee soon! Matt can be reached at


Amelia Goydich, E.I.T. | Project Engineer

Amelia was first introduced to PES when she attended an American Society of Civil Engineers meeting at Georgia Tech in early 2016.  She then started an internship with PES that summer.  After completing her master’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2017, she made the decision to join PES full-time as a Project Engineer.  Amelia is excited about working with the various software programs PES utilizes for our many projects, as well as learning from our seasoned structural engineers.  She can be reached at

Andrea Goldstein, E.I.T. | Project Engineer

Andrea is another one of our interns turned full-timers. She began her internship in May 2015 in our New England office and has been part of the grass roots effort to expand PES in that region.  She joined PES full time upon the completion of her BS in Architectural Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and has been developing and designing concepts for a variety of projects ranging from automotive dealerships and industrial facilities to multifamily housing and retail developments ever since.  Andrea can be reached at

Donnell Grantham, E.I.T. | Project Engineer

As a young boy growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Donnell enjoyed going to various sub-contracting jobs with his uncles and grandfather. His love for the business followed him to college, where, while attending Jefferson University (formerly Philadelphia University), he earned his bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Donnell found himself enjoying his structural class more and more while studying architecture; so much so that he enrolled into classes at Southern Polytechnic State University and obtained his master’s degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering.  He likes being a part of a team that creates structures that affect the lives of people each day; one of the many reasons why he chose to work at PES.  Donnell aspires to earn his S.E. designation soon.  An exceptional bocce ball player, Donnell can be reached at


About PES Structural Engineers

PES was established in 1988, and since that time has been offering Architects, General Contractors and Owners unique structural designs to meet their needs. The firm provides design services for multiple structural systems and is recognized as an industry-leader in regard to a host of issues ranging from blast, force protection and progressive collapse design, to seismic, wind and coastal design. From new construction to complicated renovations, PES has tackled just about every type of project there is. Our staff is comprised of design engineers, BIM experts, and LEED Accredited Professionals whose understanding and experience in the industry is unparalleled. Additionally, PES is a certified small business enterprise.

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