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PES Joins SE2050 Commitment Program

PES Structural Engineers, Inc. (PES) is proud to announce that we have officially signed on to the Structural Engineers 2050 Commitment Program (SE 2050).  The SE 2050 Commitment Program supports the entire AEC industry empowering the structural engineering community working with our design partners toward our common goal of decarbonizing the built environment.

To affirm our commitment to the program, we will develop and publish our PES Embodied Carbon Action Plan. As part of this action plan, PES will launch an internal education program. This program will establish strategies for advocating for the values of SE 2050 within the design community and our project teams.  Furthermore, it will function as an outline tracking system that will monitor PES’s diverse project portfolio and how our designs can serve as a valuable tool for establishing current embodied carbon trends as well as assist in creating and achieving reduction targets for the future.

Our formal commitment letter to the SE 2050 program here.  If you’re interested in learning more about the goals of the Commitment Program, please visit the SE 2050 website.