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Flamingo Visitor Center Historic Rehabilitation

PES provided the structural design for the historic rehabilitation of the “Guy Bradley” Flamingo Visitor Center at the Everglades National Park as well as the complete interior renovation of the current Ranger Station. The two-story, 18,150 square foot structure was built in the mid- 1950’s as part of the National Park Service’s nationwide Mission-66 development program and has historical significance.

In conducting the renovation, the Flamingo Visitor Center’s unique Mission-66 character will be preserved by maintaining its exterior elements in as close to their original state as possible, while updating the interior of the facility in a Miami Modern design style, themed with the rich images and natural colors of the Florida Bay and the Everglades.

The Law enforcement wing of the facility will be designed to incorporate the repurposing of some rooms, update and reconfiguration of office space, relocation of the mechanical room, and will be brought up to current building code, life safety, ABASS, and energy efficiency standards.

Owner : National Park Service
Architect : Croft & Associates
Contractor : Lunacon Construction
Location : Homestead, FL
Completion : February 2021
Budget : $8.2 Million