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The Edison Chastain

Honors and Recognition

2020 Tilt-Up Achievement Award from TCA

The Edison Chastain is a three-story, class A office building located in Marietta, Georgia. This 152,612 square foot building features 14′ ceilings, large windows for natural lighting, core-free floor plates, a social hub lobby equipped with a coffee bar and food service. The office building has a unique modern look to the appearance. There are fiberglass forms in the window openings to give the illusion of steel beams, the tilt panels were also left natural with no texture or paint. The panel construction ranged for this project. A total of 67 tilt panels were used, some measuring up to 18″ thick. There were also 50,850 sf of 5″ slab on grade, 12″ reinforced elevator pits and 8″ CIP walls, and 96,840 square feet of slab on metal decking.

Owner : Lincoln Property Company
Architect : Nelson
Contractor : Integra Construction
Location : Marietta, GA
Completion : April 2020
Budget : $23.4 Million