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Keeping Up With…Taylor Landry

Taylor Landry’s goal of becoming a structural engineer started long before heading to college at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), where he would receive his Bachelor of Science degree in 2015. “Since I got my first wood working tool kit as a kid, I have always enjoyed building things and figuring out how “all the pieces” come together.” said Taylor.

Taylor continued “It was always very fulfilling to complete a project where you built something on your own, which I think is what attracted me to consulting. While we do not build the buildings, we are part of the team that does and seeing the finished product gives a great sense of pride and accomplishment, especially when there are unique structural aspects to the project.”

Taylor started his career with PES in 2015 after his graduation from WPI. He knew that he needed real world experience to make sure that the career path of becoming a structural engineer was one that he wanted to follow. He has truly enjoyed his time at PES and after a year of working on diverse projects, Taylor enrolled as a part-time student at the University of Connecticut to pursue a Master of Engineering degree.

Taylor acknowledges, “It was definitely a challenge to balance work with school at times, but it was well worth it. As I continued to gain experience professionally, I gravitated towards wood construction, and more specifically Mass Timber. Having the opportunity to do some initial research for a project I immediately knew that this was an area I wanted to specialize in.”

Taylor delivering his capstone presentation at the University of Connecticut (UCONN)

Since then Taylor has been able to attend the International Mass Timber Conference in Portland, OR and “got to see first-hand the beauty and capability of mass timber.” Taylor commented, “This led to mass timber being the primary focus for my capstone project to fulfill my master’s degree. For this I looked at using CLT floor and wall plates to create a composite section to increase span capabilities of CLT.  Right now, there is a lot of buzz in the industry about mass timber and I think there is a great opportunity to be on the forefront of helping bring more mass timber construction to the east coast.”

Outside of work, Taylor is always up for a round of golf, checking out local breweries, or taking a trip north back home to Maine for a weekend. Taylor has always been a huge sports enthusiast and clearly states, “I will ALWAYS make time to catch the Patriots on Sunday!”

Congratulations Taylor on your master’s degree and your many other accomplishments.  A very bright future indeed!