Company culture at PES is awesome. It is undeniably unique and is a large part of why employees regularly come to PES and stay for decades. Our growing firm has deliberately maintained a small-company feel that encourages everyone to know each other and work together. From technical committees to philanthropy efforts and professional development, there are ways for each employee to grow as a dynamic, entrepreneurial engineer and play a bigger role in the overall success of PES.

Culture doesn't help

So why do we care so much about having an encouraging and social company culture? We believe that having happy, satisfied employees leads to increased productivity and better service for our clients. Adding an element of fun and collaboration can lead to less staff turn-over and better recruiting. Adding more qualified and excited employees to the team as we grow is an integral part of our development strategy.

Individual professional development leads to better (and more) output. PES has always encouraged professional development through seminars, lunch-n-learns and participation in professional organizations. Senior Associate Dave Aucoin in the New England office regularly attends BIM Council meetings through the Construction Institute. These opportunities are not only good for building business relationships but also learning about new industry trends. Lunch-n-learns hosted in-house at PES or by our partners are other wonderful development opportunities that our staff regularly attend.

In-house committees offer opportunities to get involved in the direction of the company. The Technical Committee, headed up by John O’Brien, handles the technical design aspects of structural engineering. The committee hosts monthly Tech Talks to relate information on basic design and industry challenges. PUG (Power User Group) updates the company on REVIT best practices and modeling tips and tricks. The Entertainment Committee plans foosball tournaments, Braves games and whirlyball outings. There is always something fun on the horizon for the team to do together. This is just a sampling of the committees and groups that give PES engineers and professionals an opportunity to develop.

PES is a growing firm with a small-company feel. The professional development, technical committees, and social outings have cultivated an environment where everyone knows each other by name and office doors are always open. This culture attracts a dynamic crop of engineers and professionals that can grow in their careers and better serve their clients.

We are proud of the company culture that we offer but we recognize that we can still improve. We voluntarily and regularly secure a third-party to survey the company, giving us insight into how we are moving forward, what is going well, and what could be better. Having a better understanding of what makes the team happy allows us to continue to offer a unique and awesome company culture.

If you are interested in learning how you can join PES and advance your career, while improving your foosball skills too, click here.