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PES Employee Showcase

We’re kicking off our #EmployeeShowcase series with the talented Mikayla Bladow! As an Assistant Project Manager, she’s been a vital part of our team for the last five and a half years. She has worked on numerous projects from higher education facilities and hospitality developments to municipal projects and senior/assisted living facilities.

Get to know more about Mikayla:

How long have you been at PES and what is your current role?
“I have been at PES for five and a half years and I work as an Assistant Project Manager.”

Why did you join PES?
“After college, the two main things I was looking for in my job search was that I wanted to be able to live in a city and find a job where I would be able to design buildings. PES fit the bill on both items and has worked out to be a great fit!”

What advice would you share with a young engineer?
“The biggest advice that I would share with a young engineer is to remember that it takes a whole team to design and build a building. Try to take the time and learn about the challenges the engineers, architects, and contractors are facing. It can really help solve problems together as a team.”

Are you involved with any committee and/or professional organizations?
“I am involved with the Structural Engineers Association of Georgia (SEAoG).”

When you are not working, how do you spend your free time?
“Outside of work – I love to do anything and everything outside. I like hiking, going to the park, walking my dogs, kayaking, anything that lets me be outdoors.”