PSMJ THRIVE Takes on Music City, USA

PSMJ THRIVE Takes on Music City, USA

thrive_psmjI traveled to Music City for PSMJ’s THRIVE 2016 – The A/E/C Industry Summit, held October 12-14 in Nashville, TN.

THRIVE is a gathering of firm leaders in the AEC industry, where individuals can connect with each other, learn from each other, and walk away from the event with ideas on how to improve our firms. Keynote speakers included Kimley-Horn’s President and CEO, John Atz, P.E., and marketing guru Jeffrey Hayzlett, author of the best-selling book Think Big Act Bigger.

There was an abundance of hot topics, from smart growth and leadership development, to strategies for adapting to change. The conference also featured 30 breakout sessions providing tangible insight into Business Development, Client Satisfaction, and Innovative Technology.

In PSMJ’s Annual Economic State of the A/E Industry, keynote speaker Dave Burstein, a principal of the organization, explained exactly why key client markets are behaving the way they are and what we need to be doing right now to position our firms for constant change and to capitalize on opportunities that lie ahead in 2017 and beyond.  Here are a few valuable points that Dave made during his keynote:

  • The fundamentals of the A/E industry are doing well due to the continued growth of the housing market, which in turn, benefits most sectors.
  • Employment in the A/E industry is almost back to pre-recession levels.
  • A challenge going forward will be finding good staff. Job openings are growing at a higher rate than qualified staff who can fill them.

Were you at THRIVE2016? If so, what was your big take away? Let me know at And let me know if I should look for you at THRIVE 2017, slated for October 3-5, 2017 in Denver, CO.

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chadAuthor: Chad Forster, PE

In addition to serving as a Studio Director, Chad is the firm’s IT Director. He coordinates and oversees the work of Project Managers and Engineers within his studio, as well as manages the design of various projects and works with clients on a day-to-day basis. He has over 11 years of experience in the structural design of assisted and senior living facilities, healthcare projects, religious facilities, multi-family housing, office buildings, hospitality projects, and industrial facilities involving various structural systems including concrete, steel, masonry and wood. 

Chad can be reached at