We’re Not Saying Goodbye… We’re Saying Thank You and Onward to New Adventures!

We’re Not Saying Goodbye… We’re Saying Thank You and Onward to New Adventures!

With great excitement for his future endeavors, PES Structural Engineers, Inc. announced today that Greer “Pete” Pruitt, PE, SE, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the firm, will begin his ownership transition with the firm with the goal to complete the process by the end of 2016.

Since the firm’s inception in 1988, the ownership transition plan has been in place and an integral part of PES’s strategy and success.  Pete’s vision included having a roadmap in place to allow younger firm members to assume ownership opportunities.  With that in mind, he’s confident now is the perfect time to hand off his responsibilities to the next generation of PES leaders.

“Now seems like an opportune moment for me to finalize my Ownership Transition,” said Pete. “This move frees up stock for the younger members of the firm and allows me to pursue other interests. I plan to move on to allow others to follow in my footsteps so that they may have their time to grow and provide their leadership, ideals and vision to PES Structural Engineers. To paraphrase Pericles, I believe strongly that what is left behind should not be engraved in stone monuments but should be woven into the lives of others.”pericles

As Pete segues out of the design consulting practice into his next endeavor, where he’ll focus on expert testimony and forensic investigation, his objective is to apply the wealth of experience and practical knowledge he’s garnered over the course of his professional career to help others manage the inherit risk, as it pertains to buildings, that is part of the design and construction process.

Now that Pete’s transition is coming close to completion, Michael Planer, PE, President of PES said “Pete played an integral role not only in establishing the culture of our firm but also mentoring me throughout my own career path as well. He’s shown me what it takes to be a strong engineer technically while also focusing on running an effective business.  Pete created an environment where talented, knowledgeable and resourceful engineers could become leaders and innovators.  Pete has groomed me and the other owners well so that we can continue to grow PES and move his vision forward.” Planer has been integral to the firm’s transition plan throughout his tenure with PES.

Pete’s sticking around until the end of the year, so until then you can reach him at ppruitt@pesengineers.com or at 770.457.5923.  After January 1, he can be reached at p.pruitt@gpsfllc.com.